Your Natal Moon Phase

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The Moon waxes and wanes, changing her face from full to dark and from dark to full , every month, over and over again. We call these shapes lunar phases. They are caused by the varying amounts of Sunlight the Moon reflects as it travels around the Earth.
In astrology each lunar phase describes a certain type of energy and the lunar phase at birth describes the type of energy the soul uses to express the life purpose.
Some astrologers believe each soul reincarnates successively into each of the lunar phases over the duration of eight lifetimes with the purpose of learning or developing a particular theme or lesson.
The current moon phase is easy to figure out by looking up at the Moon in the sky, but if you wish to find out the lunar phase at the time of your birth, the birth chart is needed.
If you want to get a copy of your birth chart head over to, enter your birth data and you should get something like this :
aa chart
1-Once you have your chart in front of you,  you need to calculate the angle between the position of the Sun and that of the Moon . For this, use the numbers next to the symbols for the Sun ( in the example above is 13 degrees Leo) and the Moon ( above is 27 degrees Aries )
2-Start from the position of the Sun and travel anticlockwise around the birth chart until you meet the Moon. Bear in mind that each zodiac sign is 30°degree “long”
3-So, if the Sun is situated at 13° Leo and the Moon at  27° Aries , you’d calculate as it follows:
17°remaining in Leo + 30°Virgo + 30°Libra + 30°Scorpio + 30°Sagittarius + 30°Capricorn + 30°Aquarius + 30°Pisces + 27°Aries = 254°total . Phew! That was a lot of Maths!
4-Finally, when you check the diagram above you notice that 254°corresponds to the Disseminating Moon phase ( is in between 225° and 270°) and that’s your natal Moon phase.
Below you can find more information for each moon phase.

1. NEW MOON – 0° to 45°

A new beginning / life / adventure / blank slate
Projecting the essence into unknown territory
Discovering a new identity / a new way of being in the world
Setting intentions
Trying new things
Listening to instincts
Being spontaneous
Living in the present moment fully
Developing courage


Overcoming stagnation and moving onward and outward in life
Overcoming patterns of resistance / dependencies / fears / habits / insecurities / addictions
Learning to take charge
Focusing your potential
Developing self reliance
Going out in the environment
Frustration, disillusionment, obstacles
Developing new skills / talents / communication

3. WAXING MOON (FIRST QUARTER) – 90° to 135°

Building a structure which can contain your vision
Challenges, contradictions, action, critical decisions, drama, conflict
Managing crisis and change
Shaping your surroundings
Impatient with limitations and obstacles
Slaying dragons
Adrenaline rush
Following through
Balancing courage with compassion and diplomacy

4. GIBBOUS MOON – 135° to 180°

Approaching fulfilment
Evaluating and analysing the journey
Path of healing, service and devotion
Training, discipleship, apprenticeships
Refinement, adjustment, compromise
Fine tuning through hardship
Mastering your skills
Celebrating your flaws
Humility and humour as allies
Cultivating devotion to life and your craft

5. FULL MOON – 180° to 225°

Seeking fulfilment
Integrating polarities
Bringing a solution to an inner conflict
Being conscious of how you relate to others
Interacting with others on a deeper level
Self expression through art of any kind
Thinking and planning before acting and reacting
Seeking balance


Teaching what you have learnt
Disseminating great truths and wisdom
Conveying your message with faith and vision
Walking your talk
Networking and connecting with others
Finding the inner teacher through contemplation and walks in nature
Avoiding becoming fanatical or arrogant
Becoming a teacher
Taking in feedback and wisdom from others

7. WANING MOON (THIRD QUARTER) – 270° to 315°

Inner crisis
Revolution of consciousness
Spending time in contemplation and reflection
Overcoming old ways of behaviour and unconscious patterns
Challenging and tearing down old and outdated structures
Letting go of illusions
Questioning and changing your beliefs and values


Preparing for rebirth and renewal
Gathering your soul’s wisdom
Resolving and clearing the past
Intense interactions with people
Making peace with people, places and situations
Distilling wisdom into a spiritual seed

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