Natal chart reading

In this session we look at your personal astrological map and discuss how it can best guide you to use your strengths and talents and how to work with and overcome challenges. We talk about recurring patterns and soul purpose as revealed through your birth chart. 

My Enchanted Map


A map of the sky at the time of your birth!  A hand drawn mandala with your personal planetary placements  .

The chart will show you your rising sign and the signs the planets were in . You will be able to see clearly which planets were visible, above the horizon, and which were below . I’ll also sum up your chart in a short sentence which can be used as a starting point for reflection and meditation.

I'll contact you after payment is made to request your birth details necessary for creating the artwork.

A large A4 illustrated birth chart with your unique planetary themes. A special gift !

Hand Drawn Birth Chart


Sessions are 60 minutes long and can take place via Skype or face to face, in East London.

All sessions are confidential.

Sessions need to be paid for in advance .

Readings will be done with the birth time you provide. In case the birth time is incorrect, the reading will not be refunded.

No-shows will not be refunded.

If you need to reschedule, a 24 hour notice is appreciated and we can reschedule your appointment.

Any advice or information ascertained from a session should never replace the guidance of a professional in any specific field i.e. medical, legal, psychological.

To make a booking contact me to arrange a date and time . Use the buttons on this page to make payments.

I look forward to working with you !

birth chart mandala artwork