Jupiter enters the sign of Libra on Friday, September 9th at 12:18 PM GMT

Jupiter, the Greater Benefic , takes 12 years to travel around the Sun. This means that he spends around 1 year in each sign. On September 9th Jupiter shifts from Virgo into Libra where he’ll stay until October 10th, 2017.

jupiter in libra

Jupiter in astrology is the principle of expansion and growth, he is the Santa Claus of the zodiac, associated with optimism and faith, exploration and adventure.

Every 12 months Jupiter transits a certain area of your birth chart. That is the area of your life where your soul will seek to grow and expand. New paths will open up and new opportunities will knock at your door. Will you be open to receive?

Keep in mind also that if he triggers some difficult aspects or points in your chart he’ll initially exaggerate those challenges so that you finally find resolution .

Libra is the principle of relating, the sign of beauty, balance, harmony and justice. Her goal is to connect with people and to build bridges . Therefore, with Jupiter in Libra,relationships of all types are the arena where growth can happen . They are your goldmine in the year ahead !


ARIES ASCENDANT – Jupiter in your 7th house

Be open to building new partnerships. Go into business with a partner. Pay attention to the way you relate. Pay attention to what keeps you from experiencing joy and fulfilment in relationships. Heal heartbreaks. Seek the help of a counsellor. Learn new patterns of relating. Notice and release any limiting beliefs about relationships . Listen to the feedback you receive from others. Notice the give and take flow in your close relationships. Create long lasting relationships in your life.

TAURUS ASCENDANT – Jupiter in your 6th house

Create balanced relationships with people at your place of work. Learn to work well with the others. Find balance in your daily routine. Connect and socialize with work colleagues. Choose diplomacy and tact over personal power and control. Partner up with people to complete tasks. Find ways to balance your health and diet. Choose inner peace in your work environment. Work in a team. Treat your employees fairly. Introduce more beauty in your work space. Surround yourself with beauty every day.

GEMINI ASCENDANT – Jupiter in your 5th house

Open up to love, romance, creative energy , pleasure and fun. Open up to the power of your own creativity. Allow yourself to play and experience joy. Allow yourself to step into the limelight and enjoy the attention you receive. Fall in love with life again. Make time for  holidays, relaxation and socializing. Explore new interests and hobbies and expand previous ones. Team up with others to explore your personal creative self -expression. Build relationships with people based on a mutual sense of fun and pleasure. Throw more parties. Spend more time playing and having fun with your children. It’s a fortunate time to have your own child.

CANCER ASCENDANT – Jupiter in your 4th house

Notice family dynamics and release patterns of shame, guilt, neglect and pain. Release past pains and limitations. Make peace with your parents and roots. Heal your childhood wounds. Explore your home land. Study your family tree. Explore your connection with the unseen realm and develop your intuition. Embrace deep transformational inner work. Pay attention to your dreams and find ways to face those monsters. Create a beautiful, harmonious and loving home. Make time for your private life. Build a home with your partner. Build close relationships with people by inviting them into your own private sanctuary.

LEO  ASCENDANT – Jupiter in your 3rd house

Connect with people in your neighbourhood, with siblings and extended family. Fill up your social calendar. Get socially involved in your town and neighbourhood. Get your message out to the public. Find time for writing, speaking and teaching. Write about equality, justice, beauty, art and fashion. Discuss and write about relationships. Go on short weekend breaks with your partner. Share your ideas with others. Engage in real one to one conversations. Listen to other people’s feedback. Learn to compromise in conversations. Explore new ways to communicate your ideas : book writing, publishing, blogging , articles , public speaking .

VIRGO  ASCENDANT – Jupiter in your 2nd house

Work on seeing the potential of your talents and resources. Develop the talents and gifts you have. Figure out if your beliefs about money and abundance are working for you. If not, make some changes! Take a balanced approach to finances. Find ways to increase your income. Look for ways to make money from beauty and arts. Use your diplomacy skills to make money. Pay your share of the bills. Avoid overspending. Learn to share more of your personal resources. Practice gratitude.

LIBRA ASCENDANT – Jupiter in your 1st house

This is your year Libra! It marks the beginning of a new cycle of growth for you. Use Jupiter’s energy wisely. Open up to receiving attention and  recognition. Become aware of how you impact other people. Take care of the first impression you give. Cultivate social grace, tact and diplomacy. Learn how to look beautiful. Find the beauty in your physical appearance. Give more attention and care to your physical body. Allow your most charming self to shine through. Go out there, socialize and meet new people. Overcome laziness, self-indulgence and overeating.

SCORPIO  ASCENDANT –  Jupiter in your 12th house

It’s a time of rest, renewal and asking deep questions. Find your inner balance. Cultivate a sense of deep inner peace. Make time for meditation and prayer. Seek to find what makes you feel in alignment. Find out what you’ve lost faith in and seek to reconnect with the loving Universe. Explore “unseen worlds” through dreamwork and developing intuition. Spend time one to one with the significant people in your life. Build close relationships with partners who awaken your emotional and spiritual energies. Explore far away places with a significant other. Release and heal old relationship sorrows, fears and blockages. Release fear of commitment. Explore karmic law.

SAGITTARIUS ASCENDANT – Jupiter in your 11th house

Get ready for networking, socializing and meeting new exciting friends. Learn to enjoy networking. It’s a time to be seen ! Find communities, benefactors and collaborators who will help you lift your dreams off the ground. Form friendships with people who share your interests. Make friends with people who are involved with the arts. Commit to your ideals and your long term goals. Become a generous benefactor yourself. Heal issues around fitting in. Find your own tribe. Become involved in humanitarian causes. Join humanitarian organizations which work for peace and equality.

CAPRICORN ASCENDANT – Jupiter in your 10th house

Make use of the opportunities coming your way in the career area. Look for ways to expand your work. Be open to receiving raises, promotions and acknowledgement at work. Explore career paths which will align you with your life purpose. Look for a career that involves a partner. Share the spotlight. Consider how you can use your position of authority to promote peace and equality. Get out in the world and deal with people one to one. Use your profession as a way to build relationships. Heal relationships with father and authority figures.

AQUARIUS ASCENDANT – Jupiter in your 9th house

This year go on journey which will help you explore your inner self . Make time for studying and teaching  . Get your book out in front of the publishers. Share your adventures with other people. Go on a long journey with a partner. Expand your horizons through your significant relationships. Explore different cultures , countries and languages. Listen to other people’s opinions . Notice your beliefs about marriage, justice and equality. Release limiting beliefs related to religion and spirituality. Understand the nature of your spiritual connection. Connect with a Higher Self and strengthen a sense of being guided.

PISCES ASCENDANT – Jupiter in your 8th house

Develop relationships with people who want a deep emotional commitment. Learn to trust your partner at a very deep level. Learn to ask your partner for what he or she wants. Figure out what you have to offer in a partnership. Learn to access complex emotions. Allow for deep emotional healing to happen. Go into one to one counselling. Explore your sexuality. Release urges to spend impulsively. Learn how to manage joint finances. Clear your debts. Start research and investigative projects. Explore mysteries, taboos and psychology.


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