stay curious about yourself and welcome change


Hello and welcome!

My name is Geanina , astrologer and school teacher, artist and creator of Enchanted Map. A heavy dreamer with eight dream journals currently on my desk . An archaeologist of the mind .

For those of you interested in the astrological data ... I am Libra Sun, Cancer Moon and Gemini Ascendant .

Astrology has been my passion and obsession since the age of 15. Back then I was reading and feverishly making notes from astrology books borrowed from a library in a small town in Eastern Romania. While astrology remained my long standing passion , I went on and studied Geography at university. This enabled me to become a teacher. Later I moved to London and here I've been working with secondary school children for the last ten years.

Living in London has also given me the opportunity to deepen my study of astrology. In 2014 I attended a course at the London School of Astrology , taught by brilliant teachers like Frank Clifford and Sue Tompkins.

Creativity and art in its many forms have always been a part of my life . Over the years I've drawn and painted, made jewellery, sewn clothes and made organic skincare  .

In 2015 I created Enchanted Map, a place where I combine all my interests together:

  • Astrology and the concept of Geography / Mapping, because I see our lives as long journeys through inner landscapes guided by our unique map, the birth chart.
  • Artwork, because it's a beautiful way to express and easily explain concepts, thoughts and emotions.


I'm all for the 3Ss : Self-awareness, Self-acceptance and Self-empowerment !  

I do know though  that these are processes and not targets to be hit in one session. Therefore , through my work with you  I hope I can plant a seed on your journey and awaken in you a curiosity about yourself, a desire to continue on this path of self-discovery .

I believe astrology invites us to live our lives in tune with the great seasons of the Universe . In my practice I take into  account these many astrological cycles and seasons . I can explain where you are in a particular cycle and how to use its energy to your advantage .

Your birth chart is a map which helps me gain an understanding of what your potential is  and where you're heading  . 

I then translate the symbols in your chart into clear and specific ideas and examples which you can use in real life. I strive to use a language that you can understand, not mystical astro jargon.

Please remember ! Nothing in your birth chart is good or bad! Each chart reveals a series of patterns. The key is unlocking the potential in each of them !

Astrology can give you, the client, a sense of  hope, choice and empowerment, an insight or an 'aha' moment .

I look forward to working with you 🙂



You want to gain understanding and acceptance of yourself 

You want to understand the cycles of your life

You want to make changes in your life which are in alignment with your true Self


You think I can foresee your future

You want to be told what decisions to make in your life

You believe the astrologer has all the answers